Your next favorite PlayStation game is about pressure washing

After amassing a surprising following on PC and Xbox, PowerWash Simulator has been announced for PlayStation 4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. As the name suggests, the goal of PowerWash Simulator is to remove dirt. It might not sound as exciting as something like Call of Duty or Fortnite, but fans and critics alike were quick to praise the zen action. If you’re looking to practice your pressure washing technique, you’ll be pleased to know that PowerWash Simulator has a January 31st release date on PlayStation and Switch.

Better yet, PowerWash Simulator will launch alongside the free Tomb Raider DLC on all platforms.

The Tomb Raider Content Pack adds five new levels to the long-running Tomb Raider series.

Armed with your pressure washer, you’ll be able to clean Lara Croft’s stately home, Croft Manor.

That’s in addition to Lara’s most valuable exhibits, as well as some of her ATVs.

“For the Tomb Raider Special Pack, we focused on the illustrious Croft Manor, including its grounds and some of Lara’s trusted vehicles that have gotten muddy on (and off!) the road,” read a recent post. from the blog.

“In the special pack, we’ve left the dangerous plots to Lara as we challenge our players to embark on the most dangerous adventure yet…cleaning out her manor house!

“Only the best will do when it comes to the Croft residence, so sit back and remove every speck of dirt you find while Lara tells you tales of adventures past.”

The base game, which is out now for Xbox and PC, has an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam, where thousands of fans have praised the relaxing gameplay.

One reviewer calls it a work of art and a masterpiece. While another gamer with over 200 hours of gameplay describes it as one of the best games ever made.

“Cast your worries away with the soothing sounds of high-pressure water.

“Fire your pressure washer and blast away every speck of dirt and grime you can find. Build your own pressure washing business and unlock new tools, upgrades and more, all with the simple satisfaction of pressure washing to a gleaming finish.”

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