Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Feels Guilt Over Heath Ledger’s Death – Nicki Swift

Wes Bentley spoke about his friendship with Heath Ledger at the “WTF with Marc Maron” November 14 podcast. Maron asked Bentley if he and Ledger were friends before they started using drugs. “Yeah, yeah. We used to party together, but we were never a problem for each other,” Bentley replied. “It wasn’t like that, we were having a good time. That’s when I was having a good time.”

Maron then inquired about Ledger’s death. Ledger died on January 28, 2008, according to CNN, and police reported that he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills. Bentley confirmed it was an accident, saying: “I had been talking to him less because he had a son and he was making me nervous and I was trying to avoid bringing anything into his life, which I regret now, but from what I understood I wasn’t doing it. crazy things”.

Bentley said he was in complete denial about Ledger’s death and said he did not go to the funeral because he was high at the time. “I almost felt guilty,” Bentley continued. “As if I somehow had anything to do with it.” Maron inquired about survivor’s guilt, and Bentley confirmed this lingering sentiment. “I still have a little bit of that, yeah,” the “Yellowstone” star said. “Because I did so much more than him and I was so much worse off than him. And sometimes I feel like, you know, that’s unfair.”

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