Xbox Series S drops to the lowest price for Black Friday

If you’re looking to get into next-gen gaming, a new deal on the Xbox Series S for Black Friday has made it cheaper than ever to get in. Xbox Series S is the cheapest way to get into the latest generation of console gaming. , with the small but mighty console retailing for £249, which is £200 cheaper than its big brother, the Series X, and £230 cheaper than the PS5 Disc console. It was already great value for money, but now the Series S has become an even better deal thanks to a Black Friday deal that slashes the price. at £189.99.

This deal is available on Amazon UK right now and it’s the cheapest price the Xbox Series S has had since it launched two years ago.

If you want to spread the cost of your console and make it easier to pay, Amazon also offers monthly payment plans with zero percent APR.

Interest free payment plans are available for three, five, six and 12 months, with the cheapest monthly payment being around £16 per month.

If you’re wondering why the Xbox Series S is so much cheaper than other next-gen consoles, it’s mainly because it’s designed for HD gaming, not 4K.

However, it can still scale to 4K and play all the same next-gen games that its counterparts can.

And if you’re looking to upgrade to the latest generation of consoles, without breaking the bank, the Series S is a brilliant option.

In our four out of five stars Xbox series S review We said: “After months of playing games on Xbox Series S, there’s no doubt that this budget-conscious console is a brilliant buy.

“It’s unlike anything else on the market – it offers a way to play the latest blockbuster games from Microsoft and third-party developers, while getting £250 change. For that kind of money, PlayStation fans will be left with a Next-gen console and PC builders will be looking for an empty box.”

If you end up picking up an Xbox Series S this Black Friday, you may be looking at other purchases for your shiny new console.

The first thing you should get is an Xbox Game Pass membership, with this subscription service, which has been dubbed the Netflix of gaming, offering access to hundreds of games for one low monthly price.

And if you’re completely new to Xbox Game Pass, you can get your first month’s membership for just £1.

On the other hand, Microsoft has recently launched its Black Friday deals.

The official Microsoft store also offers an Xbox Series S console for an incredible price from £189.99.

You can also get 30 per cent off the price of a new controller, bringing the cost of an extra joypad down to £54.99 at £34.99.

The Microsoft Store has also slashed the prices of popular games for its Xbox Black Friday Sale including the recently released FIFA 23, Gotham Knights, Madden 23, the new Saints Row and much more.

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