WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash breaks his silence on the tragic death of Son Tristen

Kevin Nash shared in the “click this“podcast that their son, Tristen Nash, had been feeling ill in the days leading up to his death, and that part of that was him and Tristen deciding to stop drinking alcohol. We had both decided we were going to stop drinking.” drinking, so it was a situation where we both froze,” Kevin said. “I don’t think either of us felt good… I think we were both dealing with it.” The WWE star added that sometimes, because of other people, quitting alcohol abruptly can increase the risk of having a seizure.

Kevin recalled an incident where Tristen had drunk five or six beers from his study after they had both decided to abstain. “This is my cross to bear: alcoholism,” he said. “It took one of my dearest friends… It took Scott… And now it has taken my son.” The fighter described what he thought when his son died. “My wife and I were standing over my son and he took his last heartbeat,” he described. “Number one, he was beautiful, he looked so beautiful. I actually thought for a minute, ‘Is my son a vampire? Is he glamming me up?'”

Nash said that when they were in the hospital, the doctors explained to him that Tristen was in a coma but that he wouldn’t make it: Tristen’s heart was too damaged.

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