World Cup LIVE – The manager criticizes a ‘shameful’ expert of the BBC as Argentina

Iran manager Carlos Quieroz has attacked BBC pundit Jurgen Klinsmann on social media for his comments on their 2-0 win against Wales.

Klinsmann mentioned how Quieroz has ‘failed’ in other roles and accused Iran of working with the referee and officials to help ensure victory.

In response, the head of Iran responded with a kind of letter…

It read, “Dear Jurgen. You took the initiative to call me Carlos, so I think it’s correct that you call yourself Jurgen. Right? Even without knowing me personally, you question my character with a typical prejudiced judgment of superiority.

“No matter how much I can respect what you did on the pitch, those comments about the culture of Iran, the Iran team and my players are a disgrace to football. Nobody can damage our integrity if they are not at our level, of course.” .

“Even saying that, we would like to invite you as our guest, to come to our National Team Camp, socialize with the Iran players and learn from them about the country, the people of Iran, the poets and art, algebra, everything. the thousand-year-old Persian culture… And also to hear from our players how much they love and respect football.

“As an American/German, we understand that you are not supportive. No problem.”


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