World Cup fans baffled after Ecuador’s goal against the Netherlands was ruled offside

@cabezadepescado wrote: “What just happened with the cancellation of Ecuador’s goal is a scandal. There is no obstruction and even less offside”.

However, not everyone agreed that Ecuador was tough to beat, with some fans explaining that the referees made the right call by adhering to the current offside rule, which states that if a player interacts with the line of sight of the goalkeeper, it must be given offside.

@AadityaN_28 said: “The player from Ecuador was literally standing right in front of the keeper and moved out of the way of the ball = directly interfering with play. Very, very good offside call.”

A pained @deezyisback agreed, writing: “As much as I want to say they played Ecuador, it was offside.”

Ecuador would later feel some joy, and deservedly so, after Enner Valencia’s finish from close range to make it 1-1, leaving Group A wide open with one game to go.

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