World Cup fan caught by police trying to sneak beer into Qatar stadium

A crafty fan from Mexico has been stopped in his tracks after he tried to sneak alcohol into a World Cup stadium in Doha. Qatari officials implemented a strict ban banning the sale or consumption of alcohol at all eight World Cup stadiums, a decision that came less than 48 hours before the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

But one cheeky supporter didn’t let prohibition stop him from trying to bring some beer to the stadium with him.

Video footage shows the Mexico fan pleading his innocence as he is questioned by a police officer in Qatar on his way to the stadium.

The clip shows the police officer rummaging through the fan’s binoculars pack, where alcohol has been cleverly stored in disguise.

The follower is in high spirits as he protests his innocence, but it seems that the policeman was not willing to accept it.

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There are even specific areas for fans to recover after having enjoyed a few drinks, an area that is closely watched by the authorities.

On average, fans will have to pay around £11 a pint in Qatar, while non-alcoholic beer is also served.

FIFA sponsor Budweiser suffered a contract nightmare last week when it was confirmed that alcohol could not be sold in the eight World Cup stadiums.

The American beer company had already built a series of marquee stands and stools that were ready to sell the beer at venues around Doha.

But they had to be packed according to the official FIFA ruling after consulting with Qatari officials.

Budweiser has since announced via its Twitter account that the World Cup-winning nation will keep the leftover beer.

They said: “New day, new tweet. Winning Country gets the buds. Who will get them?

Budweiser had previously mocked Qatar’s decision to ban alcohol in World Cup stadiums by tweeting: “Well this is awkward…” The humorous post was later deleted.

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