World Cup ‘disgrace’ as Wales fans risk missing Iran clash

Hundreds of Wales fans may miss their second World Cup group stage match against Iran today after being ‘stuck’ entering Qatar. Wales drew their World Cup opener 1-1 with the US when Gareth Bale scored late from the penalty spot.

Now they head into their second group game looking to get all three points to help them advance to the knockout stages. Wales will be seen as favorites given Iran’s poor performance against England, as Gareth Southgate’s side won 6-2 in their opener.

Thousands of Welsh fans packed the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium for their match against the USA and similar numbers are expected for their match against Iran. While many traveled before the start of the World Cup, there are many who planned to travel later.

Fans were still pouring into Qatar in droves on the eve of Wales’ second group game. But many have left frustrated by the Hayya card application process required to enter the country.

International visitors traveling to Qatar do not need a visa to enter the country as long as they have a valid Hayya card. But there have been frustrations from many who travel to Qatar regarding the Hayya card application process.

There have been delays to the usual five-day process for preliminary approval and hundreds of Wales fans have now been left in limbo ahead of their second group match.

@NulaGuy tweeted his anger: “An absolute sham! Hundreds of Welsh fans here can’t get Hayya’s card approved, she’s stuck on hold! All they’re telling us is to wait. An absolute disgrace!”

@EleriSion wrote: “@WeAreFSACymru We are at Dubai airport and 78 @faw fans have been turned away and will not be going to today’s game! @BBCRadioWales @BBCRadioCymru This is an absolute nightmare for people who have won entry to Qatar for the US game but not today as their Hayya cards are pending!”

@JustinBanner3 said: “#fawales #fifa can’t go to the Wales game today from Dubai because Hayya won’t approve. It’s an absolute joke and nobody cares as it’s all someone else’s problem. Living in the dark ages and af *** a sham. Fix it.”

@TOzballar posted: “#hayya #HayyaCard worst experience ever… paid everything but due to late approval missed flight and hotel ticket! Best way to go broke with your own money.”

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