World Cup beer policy takes a new twist as Qatar bosses put pressure on FIFA

Visiting football fans could be prevented from buying beer at World Cup stadiums as Qatar’s royal family is reportedly pushing for a full ban. That would put FIFA in a sticky situation with the beverage company Budweiser, which remains a major sponsor of the tournament.

Supporters were already dealt a blow earlier this week when news broke that World Cup organizers had backtracked on promises to ease high beer prices during the tournament. Alcohol is generally hard to come by in Qatar, apart from a selection of hotel bars, which charge a premium price.

In designated fan parks, fans will have to pay £11.60 for a 500ml glass of Budweiser, which will be the only beer available. According to The timesQatari bosses are now pushing to ban the purchase of beer inside World Cup stadiums.

The rules regarding alcohol in stadiums are not set in stone, but further lack of visibility and accessibility for Budweiser could create problems between the beverage company and FIFA, with the pair currently linked by a multi-million dollar contract.

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Thousands of fans have already traveled to Qatar with England taking part in the second game of the tournament. First on Monday, the Three Lions face a deceptively difficult task as they take on Iran, who have beaten Uruguay and drawn with Sadio Mane’s Senegal in recent weeks.

Draws against the United States and Wales are also on the horizon and Gareth Southgate’s 26-man squad are already acclimating to their new surroundings, having touched down in Qatar on Tuesday. Speaking earlier this week, the England manager explained how he hopes to tap into the excitement and aspirations the players may have had during their younger years.

“We want the players to feel that illusion that they have since they were children,” he explained. “We want to feed that. The first few days we won’t be in the training camp, except for a couple of [of players] that will have to do something.

“We want them to make the transition from a hectic club schedule to thinking about England. We want to talk to them about the fact that this, whatever happens over the next four weeks, has been the second best spell for English football. We can doing is best.”

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