Wordle’s Hardest Words: Did you solve the hardest teasers of 2022?

Since The New York Times bought the exclusive rights to Wordle at the end of January, fans have been convinced that the daily puzzles are getting tougher. Yes, there are occasional glitches that we can comfortably solve in two or three tries, but more often than not, teasers push us over the edge. And then there are the really hard Wordle puzzles, which include a word with a nearly 50% failure rate.

According to an investigation carried out by the Website I am a puzzle (based on data collected on Twitter), PARER caused the most trouble for Wordle fans in 2022.

PARER, which is a short blade used to peel fruits and vegetables, is the word with the highest failure rate in Wordle. An astonishing 48% of players couldn’t find the answer to the riddle on September 16.

The second hardest word of 2022 is FOYER, ending thousands of winning streaks with a 26% failure rate.

Perhaps surprisingly, CATCH is listed as the third most difficult word, followed by WATCH. The high failure rate probably has something to do with the fact that there are quite a few words that end in ‘ATCH’.

With three uses of the letter ‘M’, the recent teaser MUMMY ranked fifth on the list, followed by CATER and COYLY.

TRITE, FOUND and TACIT complete the list of the ten most difficult Wordle words of 2022.

As the researcher points out, two- and three-letter words seem to cause the most problems, as do weird and obscure words.

“Wordle took the world by storm when it was first released and remains one of the most popular online games, played daily by thousands of people,” explains an I’m-a-Puzzle spokesperson.

“This research uncovers some interesting words that many probably wouldn’t have assumed would be the most difficult words in Wordle, such as CATCH or WATCH.

But on the other hand, NYTimes includes more obscure words to trap gamers, double letters seem to cause a lot of problems for gamers with half of this list containing double or triple letter words.

“While players hate losing their streaks, it’s these more complex and rarer words that challenge players and make the game so addictive, as well as giving them a sense of accomplishment and often relief when they guess a word correctly” .

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