Winds of Winter: House of the Dragon creator in GRRM spoilers

It’s been 11 years since the last A Song of Ice and Fire book was published, but at least House of the Dragon has followed Game of Thrones on TV to keep fans busy. Like the original series showrunners, prequel creator Ryan Condal has access to George RR Martin himself for his source material. This includes canon aspects that have yet to be released, including The Winds of Winter, which does not yet have a release date.

Martin is still hard at work on the novel and has revealed how much he has left to write. The 74-year-old recently told The Late Show that he has written about 1,100-1,200 pages, with another 400-500 to go.

Given that it took 11 years to write about 75 percent of The Winds of Winter, presumably the longest Game of Thrones book to date is still another 2-3 years away. However, the lucky creator of the House of the Dragon show, Condal, admits that Martin has already shared some spoilers from the highly anticipated book with him.

Condal joked: “He has told me things that have, not a direct connection [to House of the Dragon], but when he’s explaining mythologies and such, he’ll just casually mention things. It’s cool, but it’s like, ‘Ah! I just want to read the book. So I’m looking forward to that as a fan, and I’m also a fan of his. I’m really rooting for him and I want him to take off, as he calls it, the overalls off his back.”

We hope the release of The Winds of Winter is sooner rather than later, as Martin has yet to write A Dream of Spring as well.


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