Why Victoria Rowell sued The Young and The Restless after leaving the soap – Nicki Swift

According to the washington post, Victoria Rowell sued both Sony and CBS for racial discrimination in 2015. In her lawsuit, she claimed that there were people on “The Young and the Restless” who worked overtime to keep her off camera. Her lawyers argued that she was “impoverished and excluded because she had chosen to speak out against the discrimination and injustice that she endured and witnessed happen to other African Americans” on the show, according to People. Additionally, Rowell also claimed that she didn’t get as many opportunities to do paid speaking events and fan meetings as his co-stars (via Term).

In 2017, Rowell also went to the producers of “Days of Our Lives” for not offering her a role on the show, according to the hollywood reporter. The casting director stated that she was simply not a good fit for the soap opera. However, Rowell argued that as a big name in the daytime television industry, Salem could have used someone like her, especially since “Days” often ranked last in soap opera ratings.

While Rowell is no longer seen in Genoa City or other fictional soap opera towns, that doesn’t mean his career is over. Instead, it is the complete opposite.

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