Why fans think Harry Styles took a subtle stand against Adidas

Harry Styles made a slight wardrobe change at one of his recent concerts and his fans believe it’s a direct hit on Adidas. According to PeopleThe “As It Was” singer is a huge fan of the Adidas x Gucci Gazelles collection and has even incorporated the sneakers into his wardrobe by wearing them every night since June while on his “Harry Styles Love On Tour.” However, as Kanye “Ye” West continued to spout hate speech online, Styles quickly changed out of his Adidas sneakers and took to the stage in a pair of Vans before the brand severed ties with the rapper.

“Harry doesn’t wear adidas for the first time but vans instead! He’s a real man for that,” noted a fan on Twitter. One fan believes Styles played a big role in Adidas taking quick action against Ye. “Harry Styles switches to vans for one night and adidas finally drops k*nye,” he said. wrote. “The power he has.” Jewish fans of the pop singer also thanked him for choosing another brand instead of continuing to support Adidas. “We see his decision, and it means a lot to me and all his other Jewish fans, and those who stand with us against anti-Semitism in all its forms,” ​​the user said. wrote.

Styles has yet to comment on the Ye controversy, however, fans may get more clues from his footwear in the future.

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