Why did Tamar Braxton really end her marriage to Vincent Herbert?

Tamar Braxton got pretty candid about why her marriage to Vincent Herbert came to an end on Instagram a few days after she filed for divorce, sharing a since-deleted post in which she seemed to tell fans her marriage had become more in maintaining the facade of happiness. “Sometimes we stay ‘married’ at face value or to say ‘we made it’ but the truth is…it couldn’t be more broken and further apart than we are NOW!…even on an anniversary !”, She said. she wrote she, for Essence, explaining that she decided to stay with Herbert as long as she did, but eventually realized that she wasn’t winning by staying in an unhappy situation. “I decided I didn’t want to get married per say. I wanted to be in a relationship. Someone to share my/our dreams, our successes, our failures, our past, present and future with…& not discover anything online…some of us have been living a LIE!” he added.

Fans watched their friction unfold on her reality show. Tamar and Vince as she opened up a little more to “The View” in February 2018. “It was only to a point where I felt like divorce was the only option left for me,” she explained, revealing that they started going to therapy together, but it wasn’t enough to save their relationship. Tamar said they decided to go their separate ways to create a healthier environment for her son, Logan.

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