Why Anna Faris and Dax Shepard Were Almost a Couple – Nicki Swift

Instead of worshiping Daxsten, we could have been Danna. Dax Shepard talked about the attraction he once felt for Anna Faris when she appeared on his “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard” podcast in March 2018, explaining that in 2005 he was a fan of the “Scary Movie” star and tried to shoot when he was sitting next to her at an event. “I saw ‘Just Friends’ and I was like, ‘You’re so talented’ and you and I sat next to each other during a premiere,” he shared, revealing that he let Faris know he was interested and tried to make her speak asking him many questions. Only his attempts were in vain. The “Parenthood” star recalled before finding love with Kristen Bell: “I would definitely like to take this person on a date. Then, from my point of view, that door was closed. It was like a bolt.” Why? Well, Faris was married at the time and she admitted that her first husband Ben Indra was sitting on the other side of her at the premiere. Uncomfortable.

Faris also admitted that Indra wasn’t exactly happy that Shepard was basically hitting on her in front of him, though she and the actor shared a laugh about the incident during the interview. It’s probably because she and Indra ended their marriage in 2008, blaming irreconcilable differences, according to People.

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