Who’s Buying Beverly Hills Star Brandon Graves?

Although junior agent Brandon Graves is relatively new to the real estate game, he’s certainly making some big moves. In the first episode of “Buying Beverly Hills”, Graves explained that he is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and “didn’t grow up in an extremely wealthy neighborhood” like Beverly Hills.

“I distinctly remember going to the grocery store with my mom as a kid and grabbing all the free real estate magazines,” Graves said (via The agency). “I would look at each house and circle the houses I would dream of buying one day.”

After moving to California, the Arizona native became a licensed real estate agent, joining The Agency in 2020, according to his LinkedIn. According to the company, Graves has sold several expensive homes throughout the Los Angeles area. He was even named Agent of the Month in September 2022. Before the real estate craze, Graves also worked in health insurance for 15 years, according to The Agency. “I had to work hard and build myself up to get here,” Graves said during “Buying Beverly Hills.”

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