Who is the wife of Phillies pitcher Zack Wheeler, Dominique Wheeler?

Dominque Wheeler (née Rizzo) was romantically involved with Zack Wheeler in April 2015, which is when she started drawing the attention of drooling sportswriters. At the time, Zack was recovering from Tommy John surgery, which caused Busted coverage to write: “He’ll be back better than ever next season, probably. I mean, how could he not while he’s spending time rehabbing and hanging out with his mega-sexy girlfriend, Dominique Rizzo.” In the meantime, Y compared her appearance to that of Kate Upton. Speaking of Upton, Dominique may have had aspirations to follow in the model’s footsteps by appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. at the end of 2017 and principles 2018added the tag “#SIswimSearch” to two different posts after combing her hair.

While Dominique doesn’t seem to have made it to the famous annual edition, several of her posts are Photos of her posing in bikini. Their Instagram The page gives off that distinctive social media influencer vibe – as of this writing, she has a respectable following of over 75,000 fans. According to Dominic LinkedIn profile, she is a 2017 graduate of LIM College in New York, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She was a style intern at Cosmopolitan while she was still in school and started working as a part-time makeup artist in 2018.

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