Who is the newcomer of RHONY Ubah Hassan?

Fans stayed tuned for what was really going on with the cast reshuffling of “The Real Housewives of New York” until October 16. Bravothe question was finally answered during a special taping of “Watch What Happens Live” on BravoCon 2022. Production begins in the fall and the show will air in 2023. Andy Cohen announced the replacement cast as the rookies. strutted up on stage, surprising the screaming audience. “This is a group of friends,” Cohen said, sharing that they lived all over New York City. “I told you before that your lives are going to change,” he continued.

Well, that’s an understatement. A Google frenzy broke out as fans searched for information on everyone. Nicki Swift can save you the trouble of Ubah Hassan. We’ve got the 411 in the latest “Real Housewife,” and you’ll have no trouble filling any of the old cast’s Louboutins.

Hassan is a model with a unique global background. According to the place of fashion, was born in Somalia before fleeing to Kenya to escape the war. Her mother and her brothers moved to Ethiopia, but were reunited seven years later in Calgary, Canada. By page sixHassan moved to the Big Apple after signing with the Click Model agency. However, he is more than just a pretty face. Hassan is also a successful businessman. She created and owns switch hota sauce that Oprah has even endorsed.

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