Who is RHONY newcomer Jessel Taank?

When the new cast of “Real Housewives of New York” was revealed, Jessel Taank expressed his pride in the representation he is bringing to the “Housewives” series. “THE revolution will be televised!!” she wrote about her Instagram. “I am honored to be the FIRST Indian to be cast in this franchise. LFG!!!”

As retold in Taank’s website, was originally born in London, England, but moved to New York City as an adult “to pursue the American dream.” Unlike the well-known celebrities who often appear on “Housewives” shows, Taank was relatively unknown before joining “RHONY.” Though unrecognizable to the average Bravo viewer, Taank has certainly made a name for himself in the PR world.

According to her LinkedInAfter attending King’s College London, she worked in public relations for fashion brands such as Michael Kors and Karla Otto. Climbing the ladder in the communication world, Taank was eventually among the founding leaders of the fashion and beauty public relations company, The Right Now. In July 2022, the new housewife founded her own PR agency called The Know.

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