Which talented reality series is a fan favourite?

It turns out that Nicki Swift readers love “America’s Got Talent.” Of the 582 readers who responded to the survey, 39.52% chose the NBC talent show as her favorite. Unlike some of the other reality shows in the survey, “American’s Got Talent” does not focus on a singular skill like singing or dancing; it welcomes talented people of all kinds, which may contribute to its widespread appeal. Additionally, the show has a roster of judges and hosts, including “American Idol” alum Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Terry Crews, for NBC.

The next most popular reality show is “American Idol” which got 17.01% of the votes. Like much of its competition, “American Idol” has changed a lot since its premiere in 2002, including the loss of its original judging lineup, which in addition to Cowell included Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, as well as the switch from Fox to ABC, according to BuzzFeed News. However, Nicki Swift’s readers have shown that she is still something near and dear to her hearts.

With 16.67% and 11.86% of the votes, “La Voz” and “El Cantante Enmascarado” came in third and fourth place, respectively. Finally, they complete the list “So You Think You Can Dance” and “X Factor”, with 9.28% and 5.67% of the votes of the readers, which makes sense given that the former had a long break, according to cinema mixand the latter has been completely canceled, for Forbes.

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