Where is supermodel Candice Swanepoel from? -Nicki Swift

Candice Swanepoel was born and raised in Mooi River, a small town in South Africa, according to her. website. Swanepoel is half English and half Afrikaner, a South African ethnic group that descends from Dutch settlers who came to their shores in the 17th century, he told UBeauty founder Tina Chen Craig in a instagram He lives in June 2022. As such, Swanepoel is an African of European descent, a concept that is sometimes confusing to those unfamiliar with African history. “You know the quote from ‘Mean Girls’? It happens to me a lot in real life. ‘So if you’re from Africa, why are you white?'” Swanepoel said. elle in 2017.

Despite not looking like what many expect, Swanepoel is an African through and through. That’s why the supermodel chose to honor her continent with Tropic of C’s 2019 campaign. “I left South Africa when I was 16 to pursue my career but it never left me,” she captioned a instagram mail. “You do not choose to live in Africa, Africa lives in you and I carry Africa with me every day.”

The beachwear line included many animal prints, symbolizing her passion for nature, one instilled in her through her African upbringing. “The throbbing beat of the African drum lives within me… my spirit lights the music that carries me home,” she wrote in the “love letter to Africa” ​​she shared on instagram in 2019.

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