When is the Steam Halloween Sale 2022? Start date and release time

The Steam Halloween 2022 sale is expected to take place this week. Valve doesn’t usually announce the dates and times of its next Steam sale ahead of time, but fans usually know what dates to put in their diaries thanks to leaks or by looking at past schedules. And it is believed that the Steam Halloween 2022 sale will launch on Tuesday, October 25.

A start time of 5pm BST in the UK is expected for the next Steam sale. For those in other regions, here are the times to set your alarms for…

Steam Halloween Sale 2022 Start Time: 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 5pm BST, 6pm CEST

The Steam Halloween 2022 sale is expected to run through Tuesday, November 1.

As far as discounts for PC gamers and Steam Deck fans, there are a few obvious candidates.

Since this is a Halloween sale, the sale is likely to be packed with survival horror games that are heavily discounted.

Games like Resident Evil Village, Dead by Daylight, Aliens Fireteam Elite, and Amnesia Rebirth received discounts in last year’s Steam Halloween sale.

So we’re likely to see similar games get discounts, along with many others, in this year’s Steam sale for the spooky season.

After the Steam Halloween 2022 sale, the big sales to watch out for for the rest of the year are the Steam Autumn 2022 sale (which starts around Black Friday) and the Steam Winter 2022 sale.

The Steam Autumn 2022 sale is expected to launch on November 22, while the Steam Winter 2022 sale looks set to kick off on December 22.

In other Steam news, earlier this month Valve announced two big pieces of news for fans of the Steam Deck.

It was announced that the official Steam Deck dock was available to order and that the Steam Deck was available to order without reservation.

For those on Blighty, the Steam Deck is available to order from £349, while the official Steam Deck docking station is priced at £79.

in a blog post Valve said: “It has been over a year since the Steam Deck was first announced. Since day one, we have been dealing with numerous supply chain issues and component shortages. As the team worked to resolve these issues and To meet demand, we implemented a reservation system. This system allowed customers to save their place in line without having to worry about refreshing pages, fighting scripts, or fighting bots.

“The team has worked hard over the past year to address shortages and resolve logistics issues, and because of these efforts, we are now manufacturing and shipping Steam Decks at our highest rate ever. Despite the ever-increasing pre-order rate , we’ve been able to beat our shipping estimates and, as of today, finally fill the queue.

“Having said all that, our production, processing, and shipping bandwidth is still finite. If order volume for a specific Steam Deck model grows more than our ability to ship it in a timely manner, delivery estimates will stretch, and at a certain point, we’ll go back into reservation mode until we can catch up. Just like before, customers will have their place in line saved and get an email when their order is ready. Once we’ve caught up day and served all pending reservations, we will take orders again”.

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