What we know about Aurora Culpo’s split from husband Mikey Bortone – Nicki Swift

doing well in the trailer Promising drama, “The Culpo Sisters” opened with the shocking revelation that Mikey Bortone had been unfaithful to Aurora Culpo. This infidelity eventually led to the couple’s divorce. In the episode, Aurora detailed what happened, telling her sisters that an anonymous person had sent her a DM with the news that Bortone had cheated on her (via Y! news). When she confronted her husband, Bortone admitted to having an affair and cheating on Aurora more than once.

However, things weren’t as black and white as viewers might assume. That’s because Aurora had given her husband a hall pass earlier in her relationship. “Because she was so sure that nothing could come between what we had… she was allowed to have one a year, like hooking up with a random person,” she told Aurora. While Olivia and Sophia Culpo were shocked, Aurora went on to say that things have changed since then and Bortone’s hall pass days are over. “Now that I’ve experienced it, I don’t like it and I said, ‘Is that something you’re going to be okay with?’ Y [Bortone] He said he would think about it and let me know. He’s like, ‘Well, you changed,'” Aurora added (via Eastern Time). “And I’m not happy that it’s not changing.”

Change can be a positive in many relationships, but as Aurora sought new growth, it put her marriage to the test.

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