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Mariah Carey may not have been impressed that Celine Dion has crossed the line, but Carole King saw things differently. In fact, according to King, it was the late queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, who sang about Dion first.

Speaking about the situation on an A&E special, King laughed, “Aretha, rightly so, you know, she was the star of that song, but here we are on a stage full of divas, and Aretha is, you know, how she’s going to tend to.” do, bless her, taking over, and then the part where Celine was supposed to sing, here’s Aretha still singing! (via Youtube). In stark contrast to Carey’s version, King applauded Dion. “He just had a lot of respect for her because of the graceful way she handled that situation,” he said. said.

That Dion promised to sing her part is something the “All By Myself” singer has never denied. In fact, two decades into the performance, she joked with ExtraTV, “I knew what line I was going to sing with her… I thought, I can’t miss that moment. No, I took advantage of the situation and had my line with her.” It was a comment she doubled down on during an episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” “I was like, ‘When it’s my line…I’m going to do a duet with Aretha Franklin,'” she recalled. And that’s what she did!

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