What really happened between Aaron Carter and Lindsay Lohan? -Nicki Swift

Following the death of Aaron Carter, Hillary Duff shared a sweet tribute to the pop star online. “To Aaron, I am so sorry that life has been so difficult for you and that you have had to fight in front of everyone,” Duff shared on instagram. And he added: “Wow, my teenage self loved you dearly. Sending love to your family right now. Rest easy.”

Duff and Carter were reportedly in an on-off relationship for three years, beginning in 2000, for Y! news. Years later, Carter admitted that she would also spend time with another former Disney darling, Lindsay Lohan, during her Duff breaks. “I actually dated her for a year and a half… Then I got a little bored, so I went and started meeting Lindsay,” Carter said in a 2006 interview, via entertainment weekly. Carter went on to reveal that he eventually got “bored” in his relationship with the “Freaky Friday” star, leading him to reconcile with Duff. Then things got a bit complicated, as Carter suggested that Lohan “wasn’t even that good looking.”

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