What Rae Carruth’s time in prison was really like

Over the years, there have been many secrets that the NFL has tried to hide. However, it would be impossible to cover up such a heinous crime committed by one of their rising star athletes. the Tampa Bay Times reports that despite the media swarm, Rae Carruth, who now goes by Rae Wiggins, kept quiet when she was released from Sampson Correctional Institution in 2018. Carruth, who has never admitted guilt or acknowledged her role in the murder of his girlfriend, had been an English major at UNC.

In 2000, he flexed his literary muscles to describe his experience of spending time behind bars. Carruth wrote an ode to incarceration titled “How It Feels to Be Caged.” MMC published an extract of the poem. Start: “Think about how many times you’ve been to the zoo. Have you ever wondered how you would feel if one of the animals was you? Have you ever wondered if it is possible for a gorilla to cry if the eagles or condors lose the sky?” Have you ever looked into the eyes of a giraffe or a gazelle and wondered how they survive in a lifeless hell?

“I bet you have never felt the pain, the humility or the rage of animals. Because it is impossible to conceive unless you have lived on both sides of the cage,” he concludes. However, unlike gorillas, giraffes or gazelles, Carruth might enjoy exercise breaks, as many ramen noodles as she can eat, phone calls and visits to her loved ones.

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