What languages ​​can Meghan Markle speak?

Meghan Markle surprised us all when she seamlessly switched to Spanish during a charity event in the summer of 2020. People informed. “He spoke perfect Spanish with a young woman,” said Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, a group that helps former inmates and former gang members. “He just went straight into Spanish, which was a revelation, and it was very good.”

During their volunteer work, Meghan and Prince Harry helped with the kitchen, spending most of the day in the kitchen where the dominant language was Spanish. Meghan’s knowledge of the language helped the couple relate to workers, Boyle said. Access to Hollywood. “People became immediately vulnerable with him and with her,” she said. Meghan’s Spanish is good probably because she learned it directly from the source.

As a 20-year-old international relations student, the former actor landed an internship at the US embassy in Argentina, where he learned Spanish, according to the royal family. website. “By my third year I had finished most of my credits and applied for an internship at the US Embassy, ​​so I ended up working at the embassy in Buenos Aires for a few months,” she said. Mary Clare. Meghan continued to improve her Spanish in the years that followed. In late 2002, she spent three months in Madrid, Spain, where she lived with a local family and took classes in Spanish, according to a 2018 report. Chicago Tribune report.

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