What Kaley Cuoco’s relationship with her sister Briana is really like

Kaley Cuoco experienced a lot of professional success in 2021. But, in her personal life, the Emmy-nominated actress was struggling. Kaley’s split from Karl Cook hit her hard, she told her in “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in April. “I wanted to be very honest that it wasn’t my best year, and I’ve been really sad,” she admitted. Kaley’s friendship with Zosia Mamet, her co-star on “The Flight Attendant,” was crucial during those difficult months.

But Mamet wasn’t the only person who played a key role in guiding Kaley through the troubled waters of her divorce. “My sister… texted me every morning to tell me everything was going to be okay,” Kaley said. Glamor in April. “Some mornings it was No she’s fine, and other mornings she’d be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s right, she’s going to be fine.’” It wasn’t the first time Kaley had turned to her little sister for support, either.

In the midst of Kaley’s divorce from her first husband, Ryan Sweeting, Briana was also her emotional rock. “As long as you are there for that person and they know that you will be there without judging you and that you can be a good sounding board, that is all you can do for someone,” Briana said. entertainment tonight In January 2016, just a few months before the the divorce was finalized. When times get tough, Briana knows how to distract her sister from her. “All we’re doing, really, is watching ‘The Bachelor,'” Briana added. “He is consuming our lives.”

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