What is really going on with Alba Baptista and Chris Evans?

Although Chris Evans has remained relatively quiet about the details of his love life, sources close to the actor have suggested that he is engaged to Alba Baptista. “Since he met Alba, he has been focused on her and stopped playing on the pitch,” a source said. OKAY! “It is said that they have even gotten matching tattoos, which is usually not their style at all.” The source went on to state that the “Captain America” ​​star longed to start a family, but was waiting to find the right one. The source added: “He seems convinced that she could be the woman he has been waiting for.”

Some now believe that the recent activity on Instagram may be confirmation that Evans and Baptista are an item. On November 4, Baptista posted a slideshow for Instagram teasing the season 2 premiere of “Warrior Nun” with the title “1 week”. And according solojaredEvans was quick to “like” Baptista’s post, sending amateurs in a frenzy

The move comes just a few days later social media users suggested that Evans Halloween Postwhich included a photo of two pumpkins, was the same image that Baptista’s mother previously used as her profile picture.

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