What happened to the cast of Jane The Virgin? -Nicki Swift

Yael Grobglas she began working on television in her native Israel, and her portrayal of Ginny in “Ha-E” helped increase her popularity among Israeli teenagers. She spent the next several years building her career on Israeli television, but it was her work on “Rabies” that brought her international attention. Still, it would be a few years before she made the leap across the various ponds to work in North America. That opportunity finally came in 2013, when Grobglas was cast as the America Singer on “The Selection.”

While that series didn’t pan out, a recurring role on “Reign” significantly boosted her status, and in 2014, she was cast as Petra on “Jane the Virgin.” Grobglas’s portrayal of Petra quickly became a fan favorite. From episode to episode, you didn’t know whether to love her or hate her because of the complex layers of Grobglas’ performance. She created a unique character. fans loved to hate while at the same time hating to love her, and the role was certainly a standout performance in the series.

Since “Jane the Virgin” came to an end, Grobglas has continued to perform, but in a diminished capacity. He has only registered two papers, neither of which got the kind of attention that Petra got. Regardless, she seems to be spending most of her time with her family these days. At the beginning of 2020, People reported that Grobglas and her husband, Artem Kroupenev, welcomed their first daughter, Arielle, into the world.

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