What happened to Prince Harry’s ex, Cressida Bonas?

Had Cressida Bonas stayed with Prince Harry, she may have given up her acting career aspirations, just as Meghan Markle did before she and Harry left their royal duties. However, Bonas’s career is thriving in her post-royalty world. In addition to being an actor who appeared in “Doctor Thorne,” “Tulip Fever,” and “The Murders at White House Farm,” according to IMDbBonas is also a writer for the British publication, The viewer. She writes about everything from pets to dreams to the audition process and everything in between.

Additionally, the 33-year-old has a podcast titled “Fear Itself with Cressida Bonas”, where he “invites guests to share their personal stories about fear, how it manifests itself and how we can harness it as a positive power,” according to Independent 360. “The concept for this podcast came about two years ago,” Bonas shared with tumor 247. “She was writing a lot in a journal and talking to people about his scary experiences, thinking people wouldn’t be very open about it.” However, she discovered that people did want to talk about her fears.

She said: “And I would just write it all down. I had all this information in a notepad and thought ‘well wouldn’t it be nice to record some of these conversations so I can share them and maybe help other people.’

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