What Former Mini Mr Olympia Child Bodybuilder Is Doing Today – Nicki Swift

Although Vince Poppleton stayed in shape for years as he got older, bodybuilding stopped being a priority for him. According to your LinkedIn profile, Poppleton was enrolled at Grand Canyon University and scheduled to graduate in 2024 in a field that couldn’t have been further removed from bodybuilding. Poppleton studied mechanical engineering and studied programming, including MATLAB and C++. “I have studied prototypes and mechanical design,” he wrote. He was able to transfer what made him successful in child bodybuilding to academics. “I have a passion for innovation and a powerful drive to succeed,” Poppleton wrote in his LinkedIn bio. “This has led me to succeed in my schoolwork and thrive in areas that will benefit me in the future.” Poppleton also got summer jobs at a golf course so he could make ends meet while he was studying.

Poppleton seems to live a well-balanced life with his friends and family. The mechanical engineering student offered a glimpse into his social life on Instagram, where he posted snaps of travel with your familyand pranks with his Classmates.

Fortunately, Poppleton had taken a healthy approach to weight training as a child and apparently had no negative effects from hitting the gym at such a young age. In 2014, a physical therapist told him KETV that Poppleton would be fine since he trained with low weights and high reps, but child bodybuilding had become a point of contention.

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