What all of Kelly Ripa’s tattoos really mean

While Kelly Ripa might be down with other people’s ink, in “Lives with Kelly and Ryan” made a confession about his own body art collection. “I think it’s a terrible idea immediately after I [a tattoo]”, he said. “It’s putting your favorite sweater in the moment on your body for the rest of your life.” An example on his own body is a tattoo with a fairly simple meaning: in a show of his devotion to Mark Consuelos. got her husband’s last name tattooed on her left wrist for her 30th birthday. Unfortunately, the cursive letters eventually became difficult to read.”When people started asking me if I was saying inappropriate words, even by my standards, and that’s say something — I was like, ‘This is irresponsible. I have to get this removed.’” And so the laser removal process began.

But the experience didn’t make Ripa give up tattoos. She took a second chance to have a lasting reminder of her love for Consuelos etched into her skin in 2021, and this time she opted for numbers instead of letters. She got her wedding date “5.1.96” tattooed on her inner arm to commemorate 25 years of marriage to her man and he was a fan of the little tribute. “I love her tattoo. I think it’s adorable,” Consuelos said. People. “I think she is beautiful.”

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