What Aaron Carter’s relationship with Melanie Martin was really like – Nicki Swift

Aaron Carter spoke with People in April 2020 to share his excitement about becoming a father: “This is what we both want…I’m just focused on the future and being a father. I want to be a good father,” he said. Carter continued, “I’m focused, my music career has been going really well, and touring, having my clothing line, all those things that I have going for me that aren’t necessarily just music. Family is the most important thing to me.” “

During a live broadcast posted on Aaron Carter’s Youtube channel that June, an observant fan noticed that Carter was smoking cigarettes with Melanie Martin, who was possibly expecting to get pregnant at the time. “Smoking near a pregnant woman,” the fan wrote. The comment was instantly interrupted by Carter, who was wearing an orange hoodie.

“She had a miscarriage,” Carter said, prompting Martin to intervene. “It’s just that people don’t know what’s going on. Just don’t ask, please. I don’t want to hear about it anymore,” she commented. . Carter let her know that Martin would need time to process the loss, and when he found the cure, they would try a second time. However, at the time of the shoot, Martin pointed out that they had three fur babies that were well cared for. “Like she said, when the time is right, we’ll try again,” Carter said.

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