We Are Scientists Returns With Fresh Funky Lobes

Meeting with lead singer Keith Murray from his home in New York on a predictably shaky Zoom call, he expressed his excitement in the run-up to the funk-fueled album’s release. Its catchy sound is “ridiculously hell-bent on maximizing pleasure” and its release is perfectly timed to lighten the lingering January blues. Feel-good sounds and danceable beats will be very welcome.

The album’s highlights, Operator Error and new single Settled Accounts, have a funky Red Hot Chilli Pepper-esque vibe, and Keith explains that the band has always had funk DNA to their playing. Settled Accounts’ main guitar hook came out of “funky noodlings” that he absently played.

These funk sensibilities mixed with their trademark irreverent lyrics, it’s clear this isn’t a band that takes themselves too seriously!

A long-awaited tour of the UK and Europe follows in the spring to support the release of their new album culminating in a show at London’s Koko. Speaking of his raucous and unpredictable live shows, Keith was keen not to give away any secrets as his anecdotes between songs and stage-diving activities are totally unplanned and spontaneous, yet he joked that the audience will “be ripped off.” hair out of concern” for him. .

In anticipation of their upcoming March concert at London’s Koko, a surprisingly intimate venue for a band of their stature, Keith commented on the special atmosphere a smaller venue provides, with the communal atmosphere of having a large number of people in a small space.

He likened staging his live show to throwing a house party where you wouldn’t want to be in too big of a space—not his mansion, for example—joking that people can wander around and do their thing in one of the many rooms.

The band has a long history with the venue where they played five or six times and have a nostalgic bond with it. There is a palpable sense of excitement to experience it new and improved after the recent remodel.

A band is known for their unique and fitting merchandise, along with the album they just released a Lobes pilsner, the “mutual band’s favorite flavor of beer”, which can be ordered as a package with the album; surely it is a musical thirst. for fans!

The band’s motto on which Keith jokingly comments is “You should always do merch you don’t mind having leftovers”, adding that they still wear their 2005 boxer shorts (but have washed them ever since).

This is typical of the humor that is a constant in the band, particularly seen in their idiosyncratic social media presence and their regular wacky Instagram videos.

Keith commented that he didn’t want his social media to be just factual, just informing fans of new records and concerts: “New album out now!”, but also adding some personality and entertainment to his communication by “transmuting information” into a way “that draws the attention of their fans.”

With an allergy to too serious, Keith expressed how seeing other staid bands on social media makes him sad, something that should be joyful is often too serious.

Keith humbly apologized for the poor Zoom connection at the beginning of the interview, and we joked that it was operator error, a fitting pun on his single of the same name.

Lobes is the perfect album to dispel today’s gloom, and if you get the chance to see them live this spring, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

We Are Scientists started in the UK with their first radio play and TV appearance, and as a result they say they feel like a British band, so there’s a feeling these will be more local shows for them than playing New York. York. York: Catch them while you can.

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