Wales boss slams FIFA in TV interview after Gareth Bale threat

Mooney described the decision to have Bale not wear the armband and instead don the FIFA-approved “No Discrimination” armband in response to Keane. “Absolutely, I understand why everyone would be upset that the OneLove bracelet isn’t there,” Mooney added. “But there was no way we could ask Gareth Bale to get a yellow or red card in his first World Cup. How could you do what?

“Anyone who thinks that players just take a card like that, they don’t understand the psyche of a professional athlete who is going to play the most important moment of their lives. We did not back down at all.

“We looked at sporting sanctions. We said we would accept fines, we would accept whatever, but when it became sport-specific sanctions at the last minute, that would have prevented our players from getting out on the field, potentially, and that was done so late.” .

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