Valerie Bertinelli isn’t proud of Matthew Perry’s confession about his past

After the backlash began, Valerie Bertinelli took tik tok to address the controversy in the most modern and fun way possible. Using viral audio from Taylor Swift’s recent release, “Anti-Hero,” Bertinelli waved the background sound, “It’s me! Hi! It’s the problem, it’s me.” In the caption above the video, she wrote, “Is anyone misbehaving in their 20s and 30s? Are you mortified?” Her embarrassment seemed to allude to Matthew Perry’s confession, but fans in her comments backed her up. “I saw Matthew’s story this morning,” one of the top commenters wrote. “You left an impression girl!! Good for you!” Others shared that they were thankful that there were no digital cameras to document his misconduct during that time in his life.

Unfortunately, Perry’s memory seemed to have kept a careful record. What People In short, Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen were married for more than two decades before splitting in 2001. By the time Perry declared the couple’s marriage clearly “troubled,” they were many years away from divorce. .

Perry’s reveal also seemed especially untimely given the somewhat recent death of Eddie Van Halen. A Twitter The user pointed out that alienating fans from a “beloved guitarist” is not a very good strategy for selling books: “Could it be worse for making friends?”

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