US Grand Prix LIVE: Hamilton starts third as Verstappen is booed by fans

Lewis Hamilton will be hoping to upset Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz for an unlikely victory at the United States Grand Prix after securing a third place on the starting grid at the end of Saturday’s qualifying session. The 37-year-old, who is yet to record a single win in 2022, moved up two positions after penalties were handed out to Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez for changing power unit components.

Sainz will start on pole position at the Circuit of the Americas when all five red lights go out, with Verstappen just behind after he was beaten by less than a tenth of a second in qualifying. The Dutchman was loudly booed by several fans on Saturday amid the ongoing saga involving Red Bull’s 2021 budget cap breach, which was discovered by the FIA ​​earlier this month and is expected to be punished in some time not too far away. future.

The unsavory incident came after Red Bull boss Christian Horner warned of the damage that has been done to the team’s drivers and other employees as a result of the cost-cap situation, which has been dominating headlines in The last weeks. Speaking at a news conference, Horner said: “We have been on trial due to public accusations from Singapore.

“The rhetoric of cheating, the rhetoric that we have had this enormous benefit. The numbers that have been put in the media are very far from reality. The damage it does to the brand, to our partners, to our drivers, to our workforce. In an age where mental health is prevalent, we are now seeing significant issues within our workforce.

“We’re getting kids that have been bullied on playgrounds that are the kids of our employees. That’s not correct through fictitious accusations from other teams, and you can’t go around making those kinds of allegations without any fact or substance.”

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