Tyra Banks’ Strange DWTS Behavior Has Fans Criticizing Her Hosting Performance Again

Supermodel turned “Dancing with the Stars” host Tyra Banks raised eyebrows everywhere during the live October 24 episode as she proceeded to taste test a piece of fried chicken that contestant Shangela pulled out of her blouse after completing an entire tango number. While the second piece of poultry the contestant offered was also hermetically sealed in a plastic bag, viewers were still not amused, with some even calling for it to be removed from the show. “DOESN’T STRIP EAT SHANGELA’S CHICKEN WITH TITS???”‘, a dumbfounded viewer tweeted. Meanwhile, another wrote a cheep which read: “Tyra proved once again that SHE should be eliminated. She ate the chicken that was in Shangela’s bra…on live TV. Disney+…did you see that?????” Still, others weren’t too bothered by Banks eating Shangela’s chicken leg. “Shangela danced with two crispy chicken thighs in her bra because the judge told her she needed ‘crispy legs’ and then Tyra ate one of the chicken thighs. This is entertainment,” one viewer said. declared.

Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the first time Banks has been asked by viewers to withdraw from the competition series. According to OKAY! Magazine, After a series of blunders (including contestant Charli D’Amelio’s boyfriend Landon Barker being referred to as “Logan” not once but twice), many viewers called for Banks to be kicked out of the hosting job. “Congratulations to Tyra Banks for being the only person able to mess up all of her at her job and still not get fired,” said one viewer. wrote.

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