Twitter Keeps Comparing Nick Cannon To A Popular TLC Family

According to Twitter, Nick Cannon could very well star in his own show, “12 Kids and Counting.” With the recent news that he welcomed more children into the world, he became the butt of jokes online, with fans comparing him to Jim Bob Duggar from “19 Kids and Counting.”

“I’m starting to get the impression that Nick Cannon looked at Jim Bob Duggar and said ‘Wait for my beer,'” one person said. tweetedwith another writing, “Between the Duggar clan and Nick Cannon’s endless offspring, the gene pool is forever altered on a grand scale.” There was even a fan who put a poll on the site to ask everyone a burning question: “Is Nick Cannon having more kids than the Duggars?” At the time of writing, an overwhelming number of fans believe that he can “beat the kids” of the Duggars.

However, Cannon doesn’t seem fazed by all of this. He has said repeatedly in the past that it was his choice to father many children, and it is something he is very proud of. “I’ve learned so much just from my kids, and it’s so amazing,” he said in “The breakfast club.” “I think I’ve been through a lot in my life physically, mentally and spiritually, the best place I find is the time I spend with my kids and that energy. And getting as much of that as possible and spending on everything I’ve been through in something else, that’s why I do it”. And when asked the main reason why she wants to have many children, she had only one answer: “But why do people question that?”

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