Tristan Thompson reportedly wants to step up for Khloé Kardashian in a big way

Tristan Thompson may not have been the perfect match for Khloé Kardashian, but he’s reportedly doing his best to become the perfect father. According to a source close to the family, the professional athlete is making a big effort to be a more proactive father to the two children he shares with Kardashian. “He wants to be there and spend time with the kids and of course Khloe allows him to be there in both kids’ lives,” he shared with us weekly, adding that there is no question about his continued involvement in the lives of both children. “He wants to be a part of the baby’s life and she wants him to be,” the source divulged. “When he’s there, he’s a good, loving father. He’s not there all the time, though, as Khloe is mostly custodial.”

Shortly after the birth of their second child, it was revealed that Kardashian would have primary custody, something Thompson reportedly agreed to. “Khloe and Tristan have agreed that Khloe will have sole legal and physical custody of her baby on a full-time basis. However, Tristan is very excited to have welcomed a son because he really wanted another boy,” a source said. hollywood life. And while there is so much drama in their relationship, Kardashian and Tristan have apparently learned to put their differences aside for their children. “They don’t speak to each other right now,” a source said. Y! newsexcept when they are “coordinating for the kids”.

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