Tragic details about Porsha Williams

As they say, divorce is always harder on kids, and it seems it was no different when Porsha Williams’ parents called it quits. The star opened up about how difficult she found her mother, Diane T. Williams, separating from her father, Hosea Williams II, during a January 2021 episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (via of Bravo). “It was a little confusing at first, because I had my house with mom that felt whole, solid, and then here with dad, it was another house that could be whole and solid. And why am I in the middle?”

But as hard as Williams took her parents’ split, she was quick to stand up for the other side of her family after her father remarried and welcomed Williams’ half-sister, Lauren Williams. The reality star shut down any speculation that her father cheated on her mother, clapping her hands in response. instagram video posted January 2021. “My stepmom married my dad some time after my mom and dad got divorced. So there’s no overlap at all, no side girl,” she bluntly explained. “There’s no shade, there’s none of that,” she continued. She then scolded people who left comments about her family situation on Lauren’s page, adding, “So whoever is bringing this into this, please don’t because the devil isn’t going to work with this one. We’re family.” And we will always be family.”

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