Toto Wolff hints at challenging FIA after new ‘trade’

Toto Wolff has hinted that Mercedes could run its new front wing despite suggestions that it might be against the rules. Mercedes bosses have had an exchange with the FIA ​​over the design since it came to light on Thursday.

The wing comes with five redesigned fasteners that could go against the spirit of the regulations. The FIA ​​is ready to question whether the new design is to direct airflow outwards, something removed in the 2022 rules.

However, Mercedes claims that the purpose of the fasteners is simply to hold the wing together. The new design has not been used at Austin with Silver Arrows apparently considering running the part at the Mexican Grand Prix next weekend.

But, Mercedes boss Wolff admitted the team may need to change the wing design before next weekend to avoid a potential penalty. He said The race: “Well, it could, but I don’t want to go into details because we are thinking of running it and we had an exchange with the FIA.

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However, Hamilton was not as impressed with the new parts, suggesting he was unable to control the car all afternoon. The seven-time champion even admitted that he expected more from the new design, as he was still struggling to match the pace of Red Bull and Ferrari.

He commented: “I had high hopes that we were going to be a lot closer than we were.

“Once we got to qualifying, I don’t know if it was because the temperatures dropped or because of the wind, but suddenly the car was a problem. I expected a little more. I think that in pure rhythm they are just [too quick]. Regardless of what updates we bring, the gap remains the same.”

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