Top 40 Most Viewed Christmas Movies: Home Alone Tops List

A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life also made the list, with 44 percent believing the “classics” are better than anything modern.

Movie fans typically predict they’ve seen their favorite movie eight times, with a quarter believing it’s officially Christmas once they’ve done so.

Reasons for rewatching movies included simply enjoying them (52 ​​percent), feeling nostalgic (40 percent), and becoming a tradition (31 percent).

The research was commissioned by The National Lottery, which is thanking its players by giving away 50,000 free tickets, including drinks and snacks, to screenings of Love Actually, the third most-watched holiday film, in cinemas across the UK.

A spokesperson said: “Christmas movies bring people together and create a rush of excitement ahead of the big day, and rewatching favorites has clearly become a tradition for many, who can quote what comes next.

“It’s great to see how much people love Christmas movies. There’s something warm and nostalgic about watching holiday movies as night draws in and the decorations go up.

“But movies are made for the big screen, and it’s great to see Love Actually being the number one movie UK viewers are rewatching.”

The research also found that in the typical Christmas season, people watch seven Christmas movies, with December 24 being the most popular day to watch (63 percent).

But while 46 percent wait until December, almost a quarter (23 percent) tend to see their first holiday movie in November.

And more than half (53 percent) said that watching Christmas movies with family and friends is part of their yearly traditions, with 41 percent opting to watch nostalgic titles from their childhood.

People are more likely to watch a Christmas movie with their partner (59 percent), as well as with their children (43 percent) and parents (28 percent).

And comedies are the most popular genre of holiday movies to watch (41 percent), followed by romantic comedies (28 percent) and action titles (23 percent).

Respondents via OnePoll have watched Love Actually an average of four times, with the most popular scene being the prime minister, played by Hugh Grant, dancing (17%).

Other memorable moments included Mark confessing his love for Juliet with message boards outside his house (15 per cent) and the Prime Minister and Natalie being caught kissing at the school nativity scene (14 per cent).

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