Tony Iommi ‘Bill Ward Made Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath Firing Worse’

Tony opened up about how Black Sabbath had to have a serious conversation as a band asking, “What are we going to do? Nothing is happening. It just so happened that we either broke up or replaced Ozzy.”

He continued: “It was very sad really. We said we were going to do it all together, and of course Bill [Ward, drummer] he intervened on his own, which made it look worse. It was difficult for us. Really difficult. But you know, that was good for Ozzy and for us. He made him get off his ass, pick himself up and do something with his own album, which he did, it was really good. And he gave us the end of the fight to do something, because we had to prove something. When we had Dio, we wrote the Heaven and Hell album, which pushed us forward again.”

Express.co.uk also previously spoke to Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, who shared that Ozzy’s sacking left him in tears.


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