Tom Holland’s First Marvel Scene Was Saved By The Iron Man Star

When Spider-Man finally made his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016, fans were ecstatic. He made his surprise appearance in Captain America: Civil War, after being recruited by Iron Man to fight Steve Rogers. What followed was an uplifting scene between Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr at the young man’s home in Queens, but the newcomer had trouble getting it right.

Commenting on Captain America: Civil War, director Anthony Russo pointed out that a mistake made by Holland in the now-iconic bedroom scene was entirely improvised by Downey Jr.

The moment in question arrived. Holland missed his mark to move and let Downey Jr sit next to him. Downey Jr was horrified at having to fix the problem.

After realizing that Holland was wrong, Downey Jr said, “I’m going to sit here, so move your leg.” This scene ended up making the final cut.

Russo looked back: “Tom forgot to lock the scene, and of course, that’s Robert staying in character telling him, ‘You’re supposed to move now so I can sit on the bed.'”

Russo praised Downey Jr and the acting chops he had at the time. He said: “Not only does he use it, but he uses it in a way that’s really entertaining and fun.”

He added: “That’s such a skillful and inventive move for an actor to make.” Since then, Holland and Downey Jr. have become adept at quickly adapting the way they work with each other.

A year after the MCU version of Peter Parker made his Civil War debut, he was given his own solo movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming.

During this movie, Holland and Downey Jr worked together again. And the young British star couldn’t wait to start jamming once more.

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During these scenes between the three Spider-Men, each of the actors brought some of their own charm and charisma to the scenes. Unfortunately, this might be the last time Holland is seen on the big screen as Peter Parker.

He recently confirmed “[Spider-Man 3] it would be my last [under contract] so I’ve always told them that if they want me back, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. I have loved every minute of being a part of this wonderful world. It has changed my life for the better, I am very lucky to be here.”

The 26-year-old reiterated: “If they want me back I’ll be there, if not I’ll go off into the sunset as a very, very happy person because it’s been an incredible journey.”

However, some recently “leaked” news seems to confirm that things are happening behind the scenes to bring him back sooner rather than later.

Some Hollywood insiders recently posited that Holland had “signed on for three new Spider-Man movies.” This would match the usual contracts that many other MCU stars have signed in the past.

Spider-Man Updates tweeted: “Okay, hearing contract is done and signed, includes another Spider-Man trilogy and a few others. (I don’t know the date or the official announcement so far!) and also nothing about zendaya or others so far (but they really want her back)! (sic)

However, until something is officially confirmed, fans have been left in the dark.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now available to stream on Disney Plus.


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