Tom Cruise’s Real ‘Hard Tears’ at Val Kilmer’s Top Gun Maverick Reunion

When Top Gun 2 was announced, Val Kilmer begged Tom Cruise to get involved, pushing hard for him to reprise his character. The Iceman star from the original film had undergone surgery for throat cancer in 2014, and lost the ability to speak. However, he wonderfully wrote a cameo in Top Gun Maverick that was still able to incorporate the character despite the actor’s disability.

In Top Gun Maverick, the main character Cruise visits Iceman, who is now administrator Tom Kazansky and lives with terminal throat cancer. The couple share a touching reunion scene in which Kilmer’s character communicates via a computer.

After the film’s release, the former Batman said: “I am overwhelmed to see the love and appreciation for Top Gun. I feel so blessed.” And now Cruise has shared that the tears he had in that scene were in fact genuine.

Speaking about Jimmy Kimmel, Cruise said: “I just want to say that it was pretty emotional. I’ve known Val for decades. And for him to come back and play that character… he’s such a powerful actor that he instantly became that character again. You are looking at the Iceman.

“I was crying. I was moved. He’s such a brilliant actor and I love his work… There are some hard tears.”

Before Tom Gun Maverick went into production, Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed Cruise’s commitment to involve Kilmer.

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The producer said, “He said, ‘I’m not going to do this movie without Val.’ When we filmed it, it was a very emotional day to have Val there and to see him working with Tom after 35 years.”

At the actual London premiere, Cruise said: “He’s an actor I really admire, so it was wonderful.”

Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture, after earning more than $1.4 billion worldwide.

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