Ties… more young people listen to orchestral music

A survey by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for the Daily Express’s Strike A Chord campaign asked about situations in which people listen to orchestral music in their daily lives.

It found that just under two-thirds (65 percent) of those under 35 were listening regularly, up from six percent on 2018 (59 percent).

And it was significantly higher than those 55 and older, where the proportion was 57 percent.

James Williams, managing director of the Royal Philharmonic, said: “Listening habits dovetail with changes in people’s lifestyles, and while this will continue to evolve and change over time, engagement with music has become more strong”.

Looking at the situations in which people tuned in, again there were differences between generations.

For older people, listening while traveling, such as in a car or on public transportation, stood out as the most popular setting (24 percent), compared to 13 percent for younger people. For those under 35 years of age, listening while cooking was the most common situation for a quarter of those surveyed.

Working, exercising, bathing, and relaxing before bed also scored high.

The results showed that 11 percent of younger people turn to classical music during romantic moments, making them more likely to turn it on over dinner.

Older people are more likely to listen via radio, while streaming and podcasts seem to be the mode of choice for the younger generation.

The survey prompts the Express campaign calling for music education to be given greater prominence in government legislation.

The objective is to stop the bleeding of students who choose the subject. Earlier this year, we exposed how studying music at A-Level dropped 50 per cent in a decade, while GCSE numbers dropped 19 per cent.

This is despite a clear desire by young people to access music and the professional opportunities it offers.

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