Tia and Tamera Mowry once babysat another set of celebrity twins

Tia Mowry dropped the bombshell in 2015 on “The Meredith Viera Show”, revealing that before fame, she and Tamera Mowry-Housley would keep tabs on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on the set of “Full House.” The connection actually relates to another sibling, as Tia and Tamera’s brother, Taj Mowry, appeared in several episodes of the sitcom as Teddy, which is how they got on set. Tia revealed that it was actually because they were hanging out backstage that she and her twin sister ended up getting their big break, recalling, “We even did a guest role on ‘Full House.’ It’s kind of where we got our first start.” “.

Tamera then talked a bit more about her connection to the Olsen twins in her 2022 book, “You should sit down for this.” She revealed that her babysitting duties took place for about half a day during the filming of the season 5 episode, “The Devil Made Me Do It”. “It was just for a bit… It was so much fun. I forgot where the mom had to go but I love the fact that she relied on my sister and me to take care of them,” Tamera wrote. “[Mary Kate and Ashley] they had to have been, I mean 7 or 8. They were very young. So sweet, so kind,” she added. She ravingly even recalled what they served for the youngsters, revealing that they wanted matzah ball soup.

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