This is what Sister Wives’ Kody Brown really does for a living – Nicki Swift

Kody and his spouse group belonged to the United Apostolic Brethren. By World Religions and Spirituality Projectone of the tenets of the Mormon splinter group is strict adherence to “traditional gender roles.” living science points out that the traditional role of women is to raise and care for their husband. The main male role is to bring home the bacon to support her family.

Kody’s wives stick to their end of the bargain, cooking, cleaning, raising the 18 kids, bolstering his ego, and generally catering to his every whim. Kody wins in the “men’s” bets; he is the patriarch, strong, assertive and Alpha. However, his earnings statement is a bit sketchy. By in weekly contactKody worked for gun manufacturers until they went out of business. Now occasionally showing up at gun shows, he charges $99 or more for videos on cameos, and is paid for the reality show. Still, his actual “job” remains a mystery, aside from his son Paedon Brown hinting that he might be seen as “controversial.”

In the meantime, distract reports that Meri Brown “runs a bed and breakfast,” sells clothing, and sells diet products. Christine and Jenelle Brown are also in the diet business, and Jenelle is a life coach, with a website, “Strive with Janelle.” Robyn Brown manages the family business, my sister wife’s closet. They also charge for Cameo videos Perhaps Kody’s job is to manage all of his income to make sure they support him and the kids enough.

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